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manna-resort-chalet-petit-camera-esterno Petit+Grand-new-2SERIE manna-resort-chalet-petit-dettaglio-02 manna-resort-chalet-petit-camera


Spacious rooms for the utmost comfort and privacy for two people: durmast, Italian marble bricks, and cement finishes make this a contemporary choice while also providing the typical warmth of a mountain chalet. Access the “biopool” through a private terrace leading to an exclusive cove in the natural lake.

manna-resort-chalet-petit-02 manna-resort-chalet-petit-dettaglio-01 manna-resort-chalet-petit-bagno manna-resort-chalet-petit-dettaglio-03 manna-resort-chalet-petit-01
manna-resort-chalet-grand-dettaglio-02 manna-resort-chalet-grand-bagno-01 manna-resort-chalet-grand-camera-esterno Petit+Grand-new-2SERIE


Durmast, granite, and cement finishes create a natural, laid back and airy ambience sleeping up to 4 people. One room has its own en-suite bathroom, while the other is separated from the living area thanks to durmast sliding panels. Boasting every creature comfort, the chalet looks out over a private terrace on the edge of the “biopool” with direct access to the lake and exclusive cove for the chalet guests, protected by the cover of natural vegetation.

manna-resort-chalet-grand-camera-01 manna-resort-chalet-grand-dettaglio-01 manna-resort-chalet-grand-camera-02 manna-resort-chalet-grand-01 manna-resort-chalet-grand-bagno-02
manna-resort-chalet-orniello-01 manna-resort-chalet-orniello-dettaglio-02 manna-resort-chalet-orniello-ballarini manna-resort-chalet-orniello-camera-esterno


As genuine as it gets: this chalet is surrounded by the forest and provides the quintessence of intimacy thanks to its secluded and privileged location above the resort. Timber is the main star of the show: restored ancient fir walls and beams and ancient elm floorboards. Original Italian and international decor, a granite fireplace, a modern sauna, and a large bathtub with a view of the forest through the clear glass façade make this a one-of-a-kind apartment.

manna-resort-chalet-orniello-cucina manna-resort-chalet-orniello-dettaglio-03 manna-resort-chalet-orniello-camera manna-resort-chalet-orniello-bagno manna-resort-chalet-orniello-dettaglio-01
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