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manna-resort-junior-suite-thailand-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-thailand-dettaglio-01 manna-resort-junior-suite-thailand-ballarini manna-resort-junior-suite-thailand-bagno

Junior Suite

Dive into Southeast Asia and explore the suite: the bed with its white cotton drapes and the natural warmth of the iroko and bamboo panels and floorboards. Experience swimming along the seabed and its beautiful starfish and shells in the bathroom thanks to the deep green and sandy veins of the Quartzite Vitoria Regia.

Junior Suite

Step back in time and travel to Lapland. The wild green quartzite veins pay homage to Lapland’s wilderness, an authentic touch in this fir hut shaped by the North’s inclement weather. Furs, genuine details, raw decor – a homage to the wild and cold North set in a warm and protective cocoon.

manna-resort-junior-suite-lapland-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-lapland-dettaglio-01 manna-resort-junior-suite-lapland-ballarini manna-resort-junior-suite-lapland-bagno
manna-resort-junior-suite-japan-brown-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-japan-brown-dettaglio-02 manna-resort-junior-suite-japan-brown-ballarini manna-resort-junior-suite-japan-brown-bagno

Japan Brown
Junior Suite

Larch, maple, and cherry deliver a welcoming and cosy ambience typical of traditional Japanese homes. A sensation which is heightened by the ceiling’s clean and minimal lines, the tall decor, and the delicate semblance of a Geisha looking out towards the valley among the cherry trees and blossoms.

Arabia Blue
Junior Suite

Green and gold, blue and gold, durmast and Spanish marble, baroque details, marquetry and arabesques will make you feel like you’re flying on a magic carpet from one of Scheherazade’s tales. The portal and the sliding door between the shower and the bed outline the Moorish arches playing off the wall’s wooden marquetry and geometrical shapes.

manna-resort-junior-suite-arabia-blue-bagno base manna-resort-junior-suite-arabia-blue-dettaglio-01 manna-resort-junior-suite-arabia-blue-camera-esterno
manna-resort-junior-suite-metropolitan-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-usa-dettaglio-02 manna-resort-junior-suite-metropolitan-ballarini manna-resort-junior-suite-usa-bagno

Junior Suite

Welcome to the Big Apple. Industrial and pop art design, clean and geometric shapes lit up by ironic details and small works of art. Durmast and leather, exposed brickwork, cement, metal, and calcium stone – everything comes together in harmony in this stunning open plan metropolitan suite.

Junior Suite

Velvets and crystals marry the black, gold, and green colour palette to create a luxurious and opulent ambience against the backdrop of the warm, walnut wood panels. The bathroom’s black granite is speckled with bright amethyst peeking out from the shower wall. The suite is close to the resort’s relaxation and reading hall.

manna-resort-junior-suite-russia-ballarini manna-resort-junior-suite-russia-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-russia-bagno manna-resort-junior-suite-russia-dettaglio-01
manna-resort-junior-suite-the-roses-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-roses-dettaglio-02 manna-resort-junior-suite-the-roses-ballarini manna-resort-junior-suite-roses-bagno

The Roses
Junior Suite

A unique room in the entire resort: not a place but a rose garden. Inspired by Giorgioppi, an artist from Rovereto (Trentino, Italy), and his work hanging on one of the walls this suite is a hymn to the rose’s beauty and its pastel colours, which harmoniously combine with the face powder pink of the bleached durmast and the light of the South African Calcatta marble. A wall adorned with ginkgo biloba fans doubles as a discreet shower door.

Arabia Red
Junior Suite

Red and gold, durmast and Spanish marble, golden and purple velvet, warm lights and arabesques, marquetry, and attention to detail. A room that acts as a portal to the other end of the globe with its contrasts and its rich abundance of colours. From the shower the view opens up onto the room, the guests’ gaze guided by the arabesques on the sliding Moorish arch.

manna-resort-junior-suite-arabia-red-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-arabia-red-dettaglio-01 base manna-resort-junior-suite-arabia-red-bagno
manna-resort-junior-suite-japan-black-dettaglio-02 manna-resort-junior-suite-japan-black-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-japan-black-bagno manna-resort-junior-suite-japan-black-ballarini

Japan Black
Junior Suite

Black larch and marble give way to bright walls and maple, striking the perfect balance between Yin and Yang. The energy of daylight and the calm that comes at night find perfect harmony, enriched by authentic objects, and decor from the East.

Junior Suite

White and gold swirl together to deliver a sense of sublime opulence and wealth. This richness of this suite lies in its simplicity, complemented by the romantic and dreamy ambience. A baroque bed, French wainscoting, electric blue velvet sofas, Iranian dark marble are all set off sublimely by the warmth of the durmast chevron floorboards. The shower door can be left open, looking out onto the room, or closed to give guests more privacy.

manna-resort-junior-suite-france-camera manna-resort-junior-suite-france-ballarini manna-resort-junior-suite-france-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-france-bagno
manna-resort-junior-suite-africa-ballarini manna-resort-junior-suite-africa-bagno manna-resort-junior-suite-africa-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-africa-dettaglio-01

Junior Suite

Welcome to the wilderness. Golden quartzite veins, a heady scent, wood as a reining element, and genuine tribal elements turn this suite into a luxurious African lodge. Awaken your primordial instincts in this warm cocoon. Every single item is an invaluable object hailing from the vastness that is Africa. The shower is bathed in natural light coming from the main room which can be controlled by a dimmable shower pane.

Junior Suite

Oriental marble with cream and mahogany veins, pop details, and bizarre decor are set off by the elegant four-poster bed and the durmast wainscoting. Contrasts are the quintessence of a British style – ironic and full of surprises. The shower, fitted with a smoked glass panel, gives guests a full view of the room while preserving their own privacy.

manna-resort-junior-suite-uk-camera-esterno manna-resort-junior-suite-uk-dettaglio-02 manna-resort-junior-suite-uk-ballarini manna-resort-junior-suite-uk-bagno
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