The Resort

In Montagna, to the south of Bolzano, lies a place dedicated to physical and spiritual wellbeing. Adorning its interiors are textures, objects, and works of art gathered from faraway places, collected during travels or bought on a whim.

Please kindly consider that the images are rendering of the hotel, which is currently under construction.


Junior Suites and Suites

Each Junior Suite/Suite is unique. Every last detail is especially curated to take you on a journey. Japan, Thailand, Arabia, Africa, Europe: luxury, poetry, nature, metropolises. Choose your destination, or let us help you make your choice. And then “travel” in maximum comfort, enjoying total privacy.

From 280€ per person per day including breakfast

Please kindly consider that the images are rendering of the Junior Suites/Suites, which are currently under construction.



Two chalets situated in the wilderness, backed by imposing porphyry rocks. Both have private access to the natural pool. A third sits atop the rocks, surrounded by predominately Mediterranean flora, with Alpine views in the mix. All three boast private saunas and a wood-burning fireplace.

From 600€ per person per day including breakfast

Please kindly consider that the images are rendering of the Chalets, which are currently under construction.


The Orangerie

Childhood memories and our love of winter gardens inspired this restaurant, which showcases the delights of southern Italy. Quality Italian ingredients are the stars of the show, with a subtle nod to Asia. Absolutely everything is homemade, from our baked goods and pasta to the sumptuous desserts.

Please kindly consider that the images are rendering of the restaurant, which is currently under construction.



A dining experience led by Chef Manuel Astuto, where his creativity is given free reign. Just like our rooms, his cuisine shows curiosity and openness to the world. Creative, modern, well-travelled. Better yet, driven to discover, experiment, and share the tale. A journey to be enjoyed in five, seven, or nine courses. Or as a themed dinner or event starring guest chefs and collaborative menus.



Inspired by our love for Thailand, our spa captures its very spirit. The interiors and massage techniques and treatments echo Asian ambiences, with many of our spa professionals hailing from Thailand. Saunas, steam bath, Mediterranean bath, jacuzzi, swimming pool, and a small natural pool number among the facilities.

Please kindly consider that the images are rendering of the spa, which is currently under construction.


Manna Medical and Fitness

The health medicine of Dr. Anton Obrist focuses on the prevention and early diagnosis of diseases, as well as on the optimization of his patients’ health conditions. A holistic and individualistic approach is taken for each person, for the purpose to establish a tailor-made and personalised therapy.

We also personalise all exercise programmes to each guest’s physical condition and their current fitness ability as revealed by our functional fitness tests. At the end of their stay, our guests will leave with new techniques they can apply in their daily lives.

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The resort opens on November 15th 2021
Minimum stay of 2 nights