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South Tyrol – where the entire world feels at home.
We can’t wait to welcome you.

The wonders of the world can be found in South Tyrol. Enter a universe where warm timber, smooth stones, and cool water take centre stage, in a resort overlooking the lush, green Valle dell’Adige. Wellbeing seen through the prisms of 18 different and unique worlds. Who knew travelling to South Tyrol could take you on a journey of a lifetime?

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Play Chiudi
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Just like the restaurant, our café is a spacious and well-lit area featuring glass facades allowing the guests’ gaze to wander outside. The soft, curved lines of the elm finishes create the perfect environment for breakfast, a cup of tea, a pre-dinner aperitif, or a nightcap to end the day as beautifully as it started.

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The Suites

The three suites come with their own private sauna and a glass façade overlooking the vast garden, to which each suite is connected by a spacious, private terrace. Boasting more than 40 m2, the clean, sharp, Nordic lines meld surprisingly well with colours, art, and history. Sweden, Denmark, Finland. Choose your North Star.

The Junior Suites

12 different worlds, 12 different personalities. Each Junior Suite has its private terrace overlooking the garden and valley. The 36 m2 are a tribute to beauty, taking you on a trip around the world: Japan, France, Russia, USA, UK, Thailand, Africa, Lapland… Where will your stay in South Tyrol take you next?

base manna-resort-junior-suite-thailand-camera manna-resort-junior-suite-france-dettaglio-01 manna-resort-junior-suite-roses-dettaglio-02
manna-resort-chalet-petit-esterno manna-resort-chalet-petit-01 manna-resort-chalet-grand-camera-esterno manna-resort-chalet-petit-dettaglio-03 manna-resort-struttura-esterni-09 manna-resort-chalet-orniello-01 manna-resort-chalet-petit-camera


Three separate chalets surrounded by idyllic nature overlooking the valley, where Alpine and Mediterranean species coexist in harmony. All chalets have a private sauna, bathtub and fireplace, and overlook the natural “biopool” with private coves exclusively for guests.


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