Packages and Offers

Discover all our proposals by Manna Resort. Let us lead you towards a corner of Alto Adige which is big as the world.

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Four days dedicated to you to discover the entire Manna offer.

*offer can be combined with other packages and is valid all year long
**offer valid with check-in on Sunday and check-out on Thursday (no August and New Year’s Eve).


A whole week to recharge your batteries in this little corner of paradise.

*offer can be combined with other packages and is valid all year long

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Discovery Manna Resort – Midweek

Take some time to experience our offer at 360°.
Let us take you on a journey at the discovery of our world.

From € 2,840
for two people for four nights
in Junior Suite

Culinary Retreat

Two nights to rediscover your senses, starting from the palate. A unique experience narrated by our chef who will make you taste the flavors of all the continents.

From € 1,540
for two people for two nights
in Junior Suite

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Manna Thai Experience – Short Stay

Relax, revitalize and improve your health. The hands of our experienced Thai masseuses will lead you to rediscover the beauty of your body through a traditional experience.

From € 1,315
for two people for three nights
in Junior Suite

Weight Care – F.X. Mayr

Under medical guidance, we offer healthy slimming according to the principles of the modern F.X. Mayr cure: a pleasant food culture that you can take home as a valuable treasure for greater lightness and vitality.

From € 7,340
for two people for six nights
in Junior Suite

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manna-resort-medical-03 manna-resort-medical-stanza manna-resort-medical-illustrazione-ballarini manna-resort-medical-01

Modern F.X. Mayr Cure

Under medical guidance we provide a week of health and wellness. Through a series of examinations and treatments, such as an initial medical history, diagnosis of digestive conditions and food intolerances, and a personalized diet, we define together a path to regenerate body and soul.
The packages can be modified in terms of content and duration according to the needs of the guest, even to 2 days or 2 weeks. However, for an effective treatment we recommend a stay of at least one week.

From € 6,460
for two people for six nights
in a Junior Suite


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