Packages and Offers

Discover all our proposals by Manna Resort. Let us lead you towards a corner of Alto Adige which is big as the world.

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Discovery Manna Resort – Midweek

Take some time to experience our offer at 360°.
Let us take you on a journey at the discovery of our world.

From € 1,816
for two people for four nights
in Junior Suite

Culinary Retreat

Two nights to rediscover your senses, starting from the palate. A unique experience narrated by our chef who will make you taste the flavors of all the continents.

From € 980
for two people for two nights
in Junior Suite

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Manna Thai Experience – Short Stay

Relax, revitalize and improve your health. The hands of our experienced Thai masseuses will lead you to rediscover the beauty of your body through a traditional experience.

From € 1,050
for two people for three nights
in Junior Suite

F.X. Mayr Cure – Dott. Med. Mazzola

Take a health pause from the hectic pace of everyday life to give your mind, soul, and body the time and rest they need to restore, detoxify, regenerate and recover. The modern F. X. Mayr cure at Manna Medical is absolutely indicated both as a preventive measure and in cases of illness to strengthen the digestive system and the entire organism, to thoroughly cleanse the body of toxins and to discover a healthier lifestyle by changing one’s modus vivendi, in harmony with the laws of nature that are the basis of our being.

From € 750 for 1 person

Included: F.X. Mayr package

Not Included: 6 days stay and meals, follow-up package

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